Other Ocean Interactive

Other Ocean Group develops award-winning video games and conducts Quality Assurance and Community Management through both the OOG and Sculpin for the industry’s most established publishers. OOG includes studio’s on Canada’s East coast, in addition to a studio in Emeryville, California.


Other Ocean Group develops games for multiple platforms including Virtual Reality such as Xbox 360, PlayStation 4 /VR, PC, iOSAndroidNintendo DSWii, Oculus Rift, HTC Vive. OOG operates a development studios in St. John's, NL  and in Emeryville California as well as a quality assurance and development studio, Sculpin, located in Charlottetown, PE.

Other Ocean Group operates a business development studio from the hub of the games industry, in Emeryville, California. From there, our team of executives and business development veterans lead the charge on biz dev activities - regularly pitching to clients and holding discussions with some the biggest names in the business. Although the majority of our development work is done in Canada, a group of well seasoned individuals in Emeryville makes up a team of highly talented and experienced gurus who can do just about anything. Oh and also on site is Mike Mika's large collection of arcade cabinets….. and many health potions…

Other Ocean and Sculpin,  have both won the Prince Edward Island Premier’ IT Entrepreneurship Award, our Technical Director, has won IT employee of the year for PEI, our CEO has won Ernst and Young's Media Entertainment Entrepreneur of the year for Atlantic Canada and Nationally we have won the Ernst and Young’s 2011 special citation for Product Innovation. Our company has previously been recognized as a member of Develop 100, making Other Ocean one of the top 100 most successful game development studios based on Metacritic data, charting success for console, PC and smartphone games released around the world for that year.


Other Ocean Group develops video games and conducts Quality Assurance for the game industry’s best known publishers. OOG includes two game development studios and a Quality Assurance studio on Canada’s East coast, in addition to a business development studio in Emeryville, California.

St. John's, Newfoundland is not only an extraordinary place but it is also home to an Other Ocean development studio. Our team is made of developers recruited from around the World who have produced a wide range of titles for varying platforms.