Reload: Z-Team

Studio: St John’s, Newfoundland
Publisher: Other Ocean Interactive
Platforms: iOS/Android
Genre: Adventure/Action
Number of Players: 1
Released: June 8, 2017 (iOS)/ October, 2017 (Android)
Official Website:
ERSB Rating: E (Everyone)

In this incremental clicker game you have survived the Zombie Apocalypse and now must collect a team of survivors and tap to shoot zombies and Reload your weapons to save humanity! Zombies are endless, and the Z Team must level up, prestige and collect new members to take out as many of the undead and bosses as you can to prove your team is better than the rest!

Tap in this clicker to shoot your team's collection of weapons & Reload to fight the approaching horde.

Each survivor has unique abilities and ammo to Reload. Succeed by building a winning team!

Prestige and upgrade to become more powerful to build a stronger team and beat the Zombies!

Compete against other teams and put your team of characters to the test to claim rewards. Win exclusive characters, prestige tokens, and gems to advance to the top of the leaderboards.

Stay focused, take aim, and don’t forget to RELOAD!

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