Studio: Emeryville, CA
Publisher: Other Ocean Interactive
Platform: Xbox One, PC
Genre: Platformer
Number of Players: 1-8
Release Date: February, 2015
Official Website: http://www.idarb.com/
ERSB Rating: E (Everyone)

#IDARB is a competitive couch multiplayer platform game for up to 8 players, unapologetically inspired by games like Bomberman, Smash Bros, and NBA Jam. It has a crazy amount of customization, allows spectators to interact with the games they're watching in a way similar to "Twitch plays Pokemon," and oh yeah, was entirely designed by our fans and friends on Twitter. Up to 8 players on one console! The first Xbox One game to do this (we think). Console versus console online multiplayer. Hash bombs! Your friends can troll your game live by typing special commands into Twitter or Twitch on any applicable device - try #bomb, #clown and #fireworks to start Crazily customizable - drawn your own players, create your own teams, wave your own flags, even compose your own fight songs.

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